Lake School 2025


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EVENT Concert Series

Mark and Lisa McDonnell – House Party

Mark and Lisa McDonnell’s Slow Session and House Parties have been a staple of the Lake School Live for over a decade. Hundreds of players, singers and dancers have joined their daily classes and nightly sessions at The Commercial Hotel, Koroit and The Kirkstall Pub. Join Mark and Lisa as they re-create their famous House Parties

Stars On The Lake Concert

The Stars On The Lake program was begun in 2007. A group of young musicians were invited to form a band and were tutored by Ade Kelly, in preparation for forming a band, presenting a concert at Lake School and going on to perform at festivals like Port Fairy, Portarlington and the National in Canberra. Since then over 50 young musicians have been involved, and tutors Peter Daffy and Geoff McArthur have guided the Stars.

Last year, Warrnambool musician, Merran Moir takes over the reins of leading the Stars.

Further details about who comprises the Stars On the Lake will be announced on our Facebook page.

2025 Tutors

Will be announced soon.

Ewen Baker

Advanced  Fiddle and Mandolin

Ewen Baker is a fiddle and mandolin tutor. Ewen has a relaxed and down-to-earth teaching style that gets the basics of Celtic style across to his students. He has toured extensively with South West Victorian icon singer and songwriter Shane Howard and plays with a number of Celtic music combinations in Melbourne. Ewen has released a solo album, The Inch Before The Saw, and has recently produced Paddy Fitzgerald’s CD – From Clare To Here.

Advanced Fiddle


Cathy Blake      

Intermediate Fiddle and Youth Ensemble

Cathy is an instrumental violin & viola teacher and has a private teaching studio at her home in Geelong. She performs regularly with the Melbourne Scottish Fiddlers, her family, and enjoys sharing tunes, especially at music camps. Cathy is passionate about encouraging fiddler players of all ages and stages on their musical journey. As well as Intermediate Fiddle Cathy will be leading the Youth Ensemble.

Intermediate Fiddle

Youth Ensemble

Rosie Luby     

Beginner Fiddle and Cello  

Rosie is a cellist, fiddler and singer/songwriter. She was one of four recipients of the Stars on the Lake award in 2014 which led to the formation of Beyond High Street, a four-piece ensemble.

In this group Rosie performed at a range of festivals including The Port Fairy Folk Festival, Newstead Live and The National Celtic Festival. In 2015, Rosie recorded on prolific Australian singer/songwriter, Shane Howard’s 13th solo album, Deeper South. She now plays as part of dobro/cello/voice duo, Come Heavy Sleep, with Kier Stevens. Rosie has a great love of music with a particular interest in the traditional Celtic repertoire and is looking forward to working with fellow fiddlers and cellists at the Lake School Online.

Beginners Fiddle Online January 

Cello January 

Jack Brennan

Advanced Whistles and Uilleann Pipes                                                              

Jack Brennan is a veteran of the Irish traditional music scene in Australia and is one of the finest Uilleann pipers and Low whistle players in the country. He has performed at many of the best-known festivals in South Australia and Interstate over the years including Womad, Port Fairy, Woodford, and the Portarlington National Celtic Festival. In 2012 he played with the Shane Howard band as part of Shane’s ‘Other Side of the Rock’ tour. He has worked on film scores and has a number of CDs to his credit. Jack is also a talented reed and pipe maker and is now making Concert D Uilleann Pipes. In 2013 Jack was inducted as a ‘Legend of The Lake’ to recognise his contribution as a tutor with the Koroit Lake School over many years. Jack also plays in the Lake School Legend Band, Lisnacrieve. 

Advanced Tin Whistle  – January 

Merran Moir   

Intermediate Whistle and Stars On The Lake

Merran continues the family piping tradition, and while growing up music was the centre of family life- travelling for performances, competitions and céilidhes. A multi-instrumentalist, she is active in numerous community music groups, sessions and bands, and in 2019, toured Ireland with The National Youth Pipe Band Of Australia, as assistant tutor . A music teacher by profession, Merran’s relaxed approach will ensure students enjoy their whistle classes. Merran is also the Stars On The Lake Tutor for 2021.

Intermediate Whistles Online – January

Stars On The Lake  Concert Thursday January

Andy Rigby

Flute & Harp

Andy Rigby returns to Lake School again to teach flute and harp online in 2021. Andy is a regular tutor and performer at the annual Turramurra Music Camp (In 2021 being staged in at Easter) and programmer for the Rosewood Music Camp (Strathbogies, September) which went on online in 2020.  Andy was inducted as the 2019 Lake School Legend of the Lake at the Trentham Mechanics Institue Hall. 

Flute  January
Harp  January

Helen Begley

Intermediate Ukulele and Find Your Way Around Folk Guitar     

Helen Begley is a Melbourne based musician. She has appeared in many festivals as a solo artist, with her former band, “Milk”, and in her current incarnation with Penny Larkins in the Good Girl Song Project, “Voyage”. She has written and recorded two solo albums.  Helen has also won several awards for songwriting including the inaugural Melbourne Ukulele Festival Songwriting Award. She plays her songs on guitar, ukulele, banjo and has been described as a “rough angel who writes a mean song.” Helen runs her own music-making business, “Chicks with Picks Melbourne” where she teaches and encourages folk, especially women, to play ukulele, guitar, write songs and participate more broadly in music and song making.

Intermediate ukulele  January

Find You Way Around Folk Guitar January

Peter Moir    


Peter Moir is a Warrnambool based drummer and bodhran player.  He took up drumming as a young adult and took to it like a duck to water, playing in pipe bands here and on tour overseas, as well as immersing himself in the wider Celtic music scene. Over the past 30 years, he has passed on his passion for drumming by tutoring community and school groups. While this is his first year as a Lake School tutor, he has played many a Lake School Session and assisted during bodhran classes. Peter looks forward to adding his own twist to the lessons, and passing on the love for the addictive wee drum.

Bodhran  January

Marie Brouder      


Marie joined the Lake School as dance tutor in 2010 and returns again this year. Marie teaches Irish set dances and sean nos dance, and will be adapting her program for some online fun with a few helpers to demonstrate the sets.  Marie arrived in Melbourne from Ireland in 1988 and brings a wealth of experience and good humour to her teaching. Marie is also our 2014 Legend of the Lake.

Dance  January

Cora Browne          


Cora is a regular performer in many musical line ups around Melbourne, including with fellow Lake School tutors Pat Evans and Ewen Baker as “Play It Martha.” She can also be found treading the boards in several plays written by our own Felix Meagher (Lake School Program Director), including The Man They Call The Banjo, Barry Versus Kelly, and his newest work, Runaway Priest. Cora welcomes you to come along and experience the joy of singing and developing your Celtic repertoire.

Singing  January

Colin Driscoll   

Poetry and Spud Poets Night.

Colin is an Ararat based bush poet who has performed at many festivals and events around Australia. He is a seasoned actor, now performing in Meagher and O’Keeffe’s “The Man They Call The Banjo” and “Barry Versus Kelly”. Colin, who as been leading the Spud Poets Night since 2014, became the Lake School Poetry Workshop tutor in 2016 and his poetry sessions have gone  from strength to strength.

Poetry January

Spud Poets Night  January

Lucinda Clutterbuck

Art Shed Youth 

Lucinda, based in Sydney, have been regulars at the Lake School since 2002, and this year we benefit from some of the many online art programs they have developed over the years.  They have described Arts Shed Youth  – An interactive Art Shed with poetry, narrative and story telling culminating in an online newsletter. A black board concert online with text! Performance and hilarity! Participants are encouraged to practice online empathy skills. Lucinda Clutterbuck quotes Faith Jegede as a guide for the artistic direction for Arts Shed, “The pursuit of normality is the ultimate sacrifice of potential.”

Art Shed Youth  January

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We are looking forward to next year's Lake School in Koroit, Victoria from 2nd to 7th January 2025.

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Book for 2025

We are looking forward to next year's Lake School in Koroit, Victoria from 2nd to 7th January 2025.

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